Why We Should Work Together

Being in the health field for the past 21 years, I ‘ve seen most adults and too many children struggling with weight, health, nutrition, fitness  and wellness issues.  I’ve come to learn that a majority are “stuck” due to a  lack confidence in their own ability to change.  Often they may rely on “experts” to tell them what to do. Many times these “experts” impart unrealistic and strict  demands with a laundry list of  “Do’s and Dont’s”  This advice is often ill received since it may be worlds apart from where the individual is in the present.  Having good intentions, the client may make an attempt to follow the “expert’s” advice only to give up after a few days thereby undermining confidence and self-efficacy. Isn’t it clear that under these circumstances failure is inevitable?
I work with you very differently from that which is described above.  Most importantly,  I work with you (rather than without you or worse yet by bossing you around).  Our focus is mainly on your  strengths and opportunities and in attaining optimal health and well-being, rather than on short-comings, weaknesses or  illness.  Ultimately the outcome is to achieve the goals you’ve set (not the goals others set for you),   and to work toward the achievement of  becoming your best self.

I recognize that “you” are the expert. After all, who better knows your life, ambitions and goals?  My job is merely to discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve  and then support and partner with you until you get there.


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