Your reality is based on your perception.

I was jogging this morning, when I looked out into the horizon to see the sun glowing a bright pinkish yellow over the calm glass-like ocean, surrounded by just a few clouds.  It was that very moment that I realized that 2013-02-10 20.43.02EVERYTHING is perfect. Everything is as it should be, for better or for worse, it is how it is.

So often, I used to find myself caught up in the, “I can’t wait for this to happen! “ or the “If only I do this, then things will seem right.” Instead of living my life in the “here and now” I was a victim of the “there and then” always waiting for something.  Often times we have a life changing event to show us just how important the “here and now” really is. Whether it be an illness, a death, a loss, or any other life changing event, we realize how precious right now really is.


No matter how much you weigh, or how far behind you are or how much you have ahead of you or how distant your goals may seem to be, put your energies into today. Do all that you possibly can to do what you can today to make your life better, make a difference or make someone else’s life a little better. Don’t wait for tomorrow, a week from now, a month, year or even for 40 pounds from now. Start today.

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