Success Stories!

I know that this is a Big Step for some of you and I do not blame you for checking  out other clients experiences before you commit!  These are unsolicited testimonials which I have collected in the past.  Please feel free to explore what they have to say!

header-e1364241455890map1“I have had weight issues for a long time. I tried diet after diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins, fasting. Nothing worked. Any weight I would lose came back plus 10. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and other weight related problems. At 65 I had three strokes and realized I had to do something. I called Donna and told her all about my physical issues. She went right to work and created an eating plan for me. She listened to my health concerns as well as human ones, as in I can’t give up everything! I have been following this plan since December and have lost 25 pounds!  Even better than that, my cholesterol number dropped from 259 to 161! My doctor was thrilled as I had never been able to get that number below 220 before. Donna’s compassion and support, as well as her knowledge of nutrition has given me a new lease on life. With Donna’s professionalism and help I know I can continue lead a much healthier and hopefully longer life! Thank you so much, Donna!”

~Mary D., Port St Lucie, Florida


“I’ve been struggling with, what I called -Fast and Food Fests Ferris wheels. I would follow a diet really strictly for a month or two and then something would happen and I would go all out. I would eat so much that my stomach would hurt. This would last for days, sometimes weeks. Around and around I would go for the past 10 years! One day I had an epiphany. I realized that I would never get to where I wanted if I stayed on that Ferris Wheel. A friend recommended that I call Donna, so reluctantly, I did. From that moment on, AMAZING things started to happen! I stopped starving and started enjoying food, recognized harmful and hurtful habits and started putting new behaviors in their place. Four months later, I am down 42 pounds, feel more beautiful, confident and happier than I’ve ever felt in my life! We are on to new goals together and speaking with her is my favorite time of the week!”

~Kathy R., Holmdel, New Jersey


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I had met  Donna in 1994 when she had her office in Coral Springs.  I heard about her Weight Loss program and decided to give it a try before my Wedding.  Not only did she help me to achieve my weight goal for my Wedding, but she even gave me a gift of “Maintenance sessions, to encourage me to continue so I wouldn’t fall back into my old ways.  Then in 1999, I decided to try to find her again. I had given birth and after 24 months, I STILL hadn’t lost any weight.  Once again I had achieved my goal after working with her for a few months. I have maintained ever since and have now hired her for Wellness Coaching. I will report back after I had a few sessions. Based on my history with her, I expect Success once again! Stay Tuned!


~P.T., Coral Springs, Florida


I am a successful CEO. I control most things in my life. For some reason, my weight and wellness were two things I seemed not to be able to control.  I avoided committing to sessions with Donna, because I knew if I added one more “to do”  on my schedule, it would probably blow up and wipe out my entire computer!  I even subconsciously avoided her by missing my first appointment. Kind and confident, she rescheduled my appointment. Now I felt obligated, but reluctantly phoned her at our scheduled time.  One and a half hours later, I was renewed, revitalized and hopeful. I couldn’t wait for our next call. I started with a few sessions, then went on to buy a twelve month package. We are in our fifth month and the changes and progress I have made are astounding!  I am telling all my colleagues and plan to set something up so my staff can have sessions with her also. Take it from me!  She’s a great investment!

~JP, Manhattan, New York



“I have heard about Donna for a few years, but instead of going to her, I’ve tried everything else. Fasts, Cleanses, Healthy Food Delivery to My office, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. After being discouraged and ready to wave the white flag, I called her. All I can say is WHY THE HECK DID I WAIT?! I am no longer obsessed with my weight or my fitness level.  I am FINALLY happy with my weight and have even went on to run two half marathons and  a full marathon last month! Now, we have moved on to “Bigger Goals!”  I am proud to say that I have achieved 4 of  my 5 goals so far.   I plan to continue working with her and I know that it is only a matter of time and consistency to meet my 5th goal!

~C.P., Boca Raton, Florida