Why Hire Me?


Perhaps, the most common question and one you should ask anyone that you hire is:

 “What Will You Do For Me?”
So let’s start here!

As a Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian, Group Fitness Instructor and Consultant, I will assist you  to realizing and defining your goals;  overcoming your challenges;  constructing  a reasonable strategy  for obtaining your goals.   My intention is to guide you  in mastering your own best health and well being and living to the optimum level.

I  believe that you are “whole” (not pieces that are broken and needing to be fixed), creative, resourceful, resilient, and able to gain  control of wellness.  So often we may be out of touch with these abilities and need someone who will assist us in figuring out what we want and need, in a space that is safe, non-judgmental, challenging, and invigorating.

I strive to be  great listener; to foster self-acceptance and self-respect; to encourage, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment. I am adept at assisting you to recognize and embrace  your strengths, values, and desires and working with them to get you to where you want to be.  I understand  that mastering wellness and the confidence to sustain wellness is a journey of growth and I want to partner with you along that journey.  I assist you in obtaining the necessary tools that will serve to feed your mind, your body and your soul!   I want to assure you that my optimism and track record greatly outweigh your doubts and fears! I believe we will make a great team!

My approach may be different from what you have experienced in the past. I am not interested in exploring what is “wrong” with you, rather, we will identify all that is “right” with you and use those as “superpowers” to achieve your goals and  improve your life. (After all, you don’t see Superman walking around all bummed out about how Kryptonite effects him do you?   Together, we will work toward eliciting as many positive emotions as possible on a permanent basis, having you be more aware of the “here and now” (being in the moment), embracing  your strengths and using them in the service of  a much larger picture.

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