TOP 10 Reasons Clients Hire Me!

Although you have your own unique reasons, I wanted to share the top 10 reasons commonly cited by clients when they make the decision to invest in working with me to improve their  wellness, health, nutrition or fitness. Maybe you can identify with some of these:

1. Quick Fixes Over – “I’m done with quick fixes and want to make changes that last.”

Perhaps you’ve heard about or even tried the latest program. Maybe you’ve had a history of trying new things. However, after all of these years you are no better off. In some aspects, you may even be worse off.  Maybe it was a weight loss program, but the only thing lost was your money. Whatever the situation is, you are DONE! You have been working too hard for too long and it is time to get RESULTS!

2. Precious Asset – “I have decided that health is my most precious asset and I’m ready to invest for the long term.”

The saying may be true. Youth is wasted on the young!  Some times we think we will live the same forever. Maybe it is eating whatever you want, whenever you want without issue; or not having to exercise and still looking and  feeling great. Then one day, as if you went to sleep the night before and the next day everything changed! Your weight is creeping up, your blood tests didn’t come back as expected, you are starting to deal with health issues you’ve never even heard about. You have decided, it is time!

3. Get off the Fence“I am fed up with sitting on a fence and want to commit to a wellness path.”

Your intentions are great! You kind of have a plan, but you haven’t started yet. It seems as though every time you want to start, you are sidetracked.

4. Not about Weight – “I realize that it’s about wellness and not necessarily all about weight. “

Maybe you don’t have a weight issue, but you know you can make improvements.

5.   Be the Boss of Your Health Style – “I’d like to develop my unique health style rather than use one-size-fits-all approaches. You’ve decided to be the boss of your  health and wellness and quit delegating responsibility to others

Perhaps you also think there are things you can do that others’ aren’t recommending? Maybe you feel that your symptoms are the only things being addressed and not necessarily your overall well-being?

6. Mental Game – “I know what to do and now want to master the mental game, turning intention into reality.”

7. Peak Performance – “I recognize that to reach peak performance at home and work I need peak wellness.”

8. Big Picture / Small Steps – “I know that an extreme makeover isn’t the answer and I want to take small steps which are powerful.”

9.Confidence – “I’m finished with self-doubt and want to build confidence in my ability to master wellness.”

10.Winning the Wellness Game – “I want to focus on winning the wellness game and not losing or quitting.”

12.Close the Gap – “I want to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be when it comes to my health and well-being.”


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