Getting Rid of Imperfections

Cindy CrawfordThe space between Madonna’s two front teeth…
Cindy Crawford’s mole….

I am sure you can think of dozens of examples. It is common that we recognize “imperfections” in others (especially those who are “famous”) as signature traits, yet when it comes to our own, we are overcome by disgust. We often obsess and dedicate our time to ridding ourselves of these taunting obscenities!

Many will spend the majority of their lives focusing, fixating and obsessing on these imperfections and how to get rid of them. While others, give up and become depressed and introverted believing that everyone around them must despise these imperfections as much as they do. Ironically, however, these same imperfections often go unnoticed others.

Think back when you were younger. Do you remember having a tiny pimple on your face but recall that when you had looked in the mirror, all that you saw was a giant 10 pound zit?!

One of the saddest observations to me is when a beautiful person (both on the inside and out) obsesses about an imperfection that no one else sees! Yet it seems they have become so burdened by what they think, that they are not enjoying all of the beauty in their lives!

Think back and assess all of the time that you’ve spent being depressed and/or obsessing about what was wrong when you could have been celebrating all that was right!

I challenge you to complete this life hanging exercise!

1) Take several sheets of paper and fold them in half vertically.

2) on the left side, begin listing all of the things that you despise, loathe and wish you could change with yourself, your life and any situation you are involved in.

3) Be thorough and list everything from the most minuscule brown spot under the second toe of your right foot to the 6 inch bump on the tip of your nose! Use as many sheets of paper as you need, but only write on the left side. Write and write and write until you are starring at a blank line for more than 5 minutes.

4. Now take each sheet of paper that you’ve written your list on and tear off the left side that you’ve written on and set it aside.

5. Take the remaining sheets of the right side of the paper and place in front of you.

6. Close your eyes, and take 3 deep and slow breaths. As you inhale picture the most gorgeous of days. as you exhale, imagine pushing a rain or storm away from that beautiful day.

7. Open your eyes, and on the sheets of paper, begin righting all of the things that ate right with you, your life, your situation and the world.

8. Be thorough, list everything you can think of. When you seem to come to a stopping point, repeat steps 6 and 7. Repeat these steps until you’re truly exhausted or have been starring at a blank line for over 10 minutes without writing one word! When you are finished set this aside.

9. Take the list you’ve written on the left side of the paper ( containing all that is wrong) and begin tearing it into the most smallest pieces tang you possibly can. When you’re done, dispose into a shredder or recycling bin.

10. Take the lists you’ve written (all that is right) and read through each and every morning, preferably before you even get out of bed. You may even want to add photos! Continue building on this list and even adding pictures of what you love.

11. Repeat step 10 for 30 days and watch your life transform!

Please feel free to share your experience here!

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